What Are the Things That Make a Great Instructor?

Getting an instructor can make or break you. When you want to learn how to fly, you should take time to consider who will teach you and where the lessons will be conducted. Even if you choose a great flying school, you should consider the mind of instructors they have and how qualified they are to give such lessons.

The first thing that has to be considered is the schedule. It is important that the schedule of the student and the instructor match. If the instructor is available at only certain times and unavailable during some days, and you are available at others, it means you are a bad match. Unless you can make changes to your schedule so as to match those of the instructor, you should find someone else who will be available at your convenient times.


It is important for an instructor to be very honest before a new course begins. There is nothing more frustrating as changing instructors every now and then during the training process may have a negative impact on the quality of the course offered since every instructor has their own way of communicating and training. They all have different personalities too. An instructor should try to give a clear picture of what they are doing in the near future, especially if you want to train for a longer time. When you train with one person, they get to know a lot about you. This includes your weaknesses and strong points regarding flying and therefore they can adjust the lessons to concentrate on the areas where you are lacking. When instructors keep on changing, there will be no time to for that. You may find yourself struggling with the same issues during the entire course.


Everyone has their own personality. Some people are descriptive while others are not. You should find someone with a personality that matches your own. This is the only way you will understand one another. Find out about a person’s personality before you enroll.

It is important to note that you can make a great career flying or as an instructor. Regardless of what you choose, you will need to get a lot of training so as to be perfect. You should therefore make your selection of an instructor and a flying school as carefully as possible. While there are definitely many schools available as well as instructors, you should make sure that all your interests are met.

The instructor job can be considered a lucrative one as are many flying jobs. As such, you need to take it very seriously and invest your time and money wisely. You should make sure that you concentrate on getting the best value. This is the only way to become and remain relevant.

Since an instructor job involves dealing with people, you should be honest with yourself. Ensure that you are up to the task as people can be difficult to deal with most of the time, especially when they don’t agree with your way of doing things.

A specialized flight schools is the best to offer training for flight instructors. Accelerated CFI offers the best courses for students. There is also on site housing for the students, which eliminates the need to commute daily.